HR Trend Update with Expert Judy Slutsky

Training and Development as a Recruitment and Retention Tool  According to Slutsky, the availability of training and development has never been more important than it is today. In addition to promoting safety and compliance, training is a key part of helping teams gel in remote and hybrid environments. Just as importantly, companies that offer a […]

Boosting Organizational Success: DEI in Executive Recruitment

The Importance of DEI in Executive Search  Diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential in executive search for several reasons. First, diverse leadership teams drive better decision-making and innovation. Studies have shown that companies with diverse executive teams are more likely to outperform their peers in profitability.1 A diverse leadership team brings varied perspectives and experiences, […]

HR Trend Update with Human Resources Expert Judy Slutsky

Once again we turn to our HR Consultant Judy Slutsky to get the latest on trends impacting human resources management in British Columbia and elsewhere. She shared thoughts and updates on artificial intelligence in recruiting, strategic HR, policy as a recruitment tool, contract workers, career development, compensation structuring, and misconduct investigations. Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting […]

Human Resources Trend Update with Expert Judy Slutsky

All the latest HR news, including compensation, employee engagement, performance measurement, DEI, & retention with consultant Judy Slutsky. Demand for top talent remains strong in British Columbia’s labour market. We turned to HR Consultant Judy Slutsky for an update on trends. She provided expert advice on compensation, employee engagement, performance measurement, DEI, retention, and more. […]

Is Your Culture Helping or Hurting Recruiting Efforts?

Is yours a toxic workplace? If so, candidates are talking. How to research, assess, and, if necessary, repair company culture. “I don’t give a damn about my reputation,” sang Joan Jett in 1980. While such an attitude may be helpful in rock & roll, it’s certainly not beneficial to companies looking to recruit top talent […]

Can I Email My Job Interview? The Death of In-Person Communication

Can young folks talk face to face? Can offices survive? Can I speak with a $%#* human? Questions from the supposed communications apocalypse. “Can I do my job interview over email?” That’s not a joke, but an actual question that Senior Recruiter Vanessa Cox has heard more than once.1 Of course the answer is “no”, […]

Answering Your Questions about BC’s Pay Transparency Act

New law aims to eliminate gender pay gaps through transparency. Does it apply to your company? Breaking down what’s required of employers. BC’s Pay Transparency Act 1, passed May 11, 2023, aims to eliminate gender pay discrepancies in the province by shining light upon that gap while making it easier for employees to negotiate fair […]

New Employee Onboarding: Top 6 Strategies

What to do after you’ve hired someone? HR Consultant Judy Slutsky’s six great tips for onboarding productive, engaged & loyal team members. You’ve gone through the recruiting process and hired a great new employee. You’re home free, right? As Judas Priest says, you’ve got another thing coming. In fact, you’re just getting started. If you […]

Evolution of HR: Recruiting for Modern Roles

HR Consultant Judy Slutsky helps us understand why HR departments are evolving & how companies can recruit, compensate & retain effectively. What’s the best approach to hiring HR professionals? The function has evolved rapidly in recent years, forcing many companies to reconsider a generalist approach to the HR function at work. A myriad of job […]

Canadian Employment Law Update with Lawyer Brandon Hillis

Our latest legal update finds us speaking with Workplace and General Labour Lawyer Brandon Hillis of Roper Greyell LLP. He offered insights and analysis on a number of recent developments related to labour law in British Columbia.  Pressed for time? Skip ahead.  S1: Termination Pay for Injured Employees S2: Increased Budget for Employee Rights Enforcement […]