Successful Placements by Alessia Pagliaroli for Zetron

Alessia Pagliaroli, a seasoned recruiter, was tasked with filling two pivotal new roles within Zetron: Marketing Events Manager and Product Marketing Manager. Both roles were essential for enhancing Zetron’s marketing efforts and required candidates with specific skills and backgrounds. The Marketing Events Manager needed to be based in the greater Seattle area, near the company’s […]

Recruiting a Brand Marketing Specialist for Gray Ridge Eggs

Eggs, being a relatively ordinary product, posed a challenge in finding candidates enthusiastic about marketing them. The task was to generate excitement and innovative marketing strategies around a staple food item. The search focused on candidates with brand management experience, which narrowed the candidate pool due to the specialization required. The position allowed for remote […]

Recruiting a Marketing Manager for PCRM Fertility Clinic

The role of Marketing Manager entailed the challenge of not having an immediate team to manage but required the potential to build one in the future. The candidate needed to possess both tactical and strategic skills to execute marketing initiatives effectively. Marketing efforts had to be mindful of the sensitive nature of the fertility services […]