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Executive Search

Our executive search division focuses on permanent placements for:

  • CEO, Chief Executive Officer
  • CMO, Chief Marketing Officer
  • CFO, Chief Financial Officer
  • President
  • Vice President
  • General Manager
  • Executive Director
  • Managing Director

Our search capabilities go beyond Canadian executive search and may include International executive candidates. We have filled executive positions across the following locations:
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Interior British Columbia
  • Western Canada
  • Eastern Canada
  • United States
  • Hong Kong and China
  • Europe

  I have used Goldbeck Recruiting for several positions and have always been pleased with the results. Henry has created a firm that is highly responsive to clients and their needs. Customer service is among the best in Vancouver and Henry and his staff work diligently to understand their clients' needs and pursue only the best candidates for the job.
- Oksana Exell, Executive Director
Our Expertise

Executive recruitment is always a challenge for our clients. When a company undergoes leadership change, the period of transition or uncertainty can make the executive search process more difficult than a typical employee turnover. Goldbeck Recruiting understands that searching for executive management must be handled delicately and pragmatically. We do our best to find a balance between finding the best candidate within a suitable timeframe so that your company can return to its usual business.
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Related Industries  
Manufacturing Sales Marketing
Our recruiters with executive search expertise have been repeatedly successful in finding top executives specializing in the above fields.
Sample Job Placements Covered By Our Executive Search Recruiter

Goldbeck has been a leading recruitment agency in Vancouver, BC, Canada since 1997. Contact us for further information.

Success Story In Executive Search  A holding company over a span of a few years had opened up three mining companies across Canada. Each needed a President/CEO to head the company and develop it from the grass roots. Henry Goldbeck through extensive networking and headhunting had found a suitable match.

The client had come back to Goldbeck Recruiting in two future instances to fill similar roles. Henry Goldbeck had maintained long-term relationships with the client as well as well as the top candidates he came across.
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