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Kevin Leh
Senior Recruiter

Areas of Focus:
Manufacturing and Industrial Sales, Construction, Engineering, Operations, Mining, Oil, & Gas.

T: 604.684.1428 x 105

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Professional Facts:
His Story

Kevin Leh, Operations and Engineering Recruiter at Goldbeck Recruiting, brings a wealth of experience and talent to the team. His clients know him to have expertise in construction, manufacturing, and heavy industries. Whereas his fellow colleagues know his real talent is in singing Bon Jovi songs on Karaoke.

As a child, Kevin never thought he would have a career in recruitment. He had two choices: to follow in the footsteps of his parents and become a doctor, or follow his passion for music and pursue a career playing base guitar in a band. Like a good dependable son, Kevin listened to his parents and signed up for pre-med in college. However, after the second year of studying sciences, he decided he didn't want to become a doctor and shifted focus. He took business courses including human resources and a minor in development management. From musician, to pre-med student, to a business graduate --- Kevin's strength was always in his ability to adapt to many different situations and to fit in any crowd.

Kevin was hired by a leading recruitment firm in Manila immediately out of university. He discovered recruitment to be a fulfilling career and found enjoyment in learning from different people, industries, and cultures. Success as a recruiter came easily for Kevin. His in-depth knowledge of business processes allowed him to work with renowned companies such as Unilever, Coca-coloa and L'Oreal. Kevin quotes, 'If you have passion for what you do, then all the rest will follow.'

Kevin certainly had this in mind when he followed his high-school sweetheart to Vancouver, BC, and continued his career as a recruiter with Goldbeck Recruiting Inc. With 8 years of recruitment experience, Kevin now leads one of the most productive divisions in the company specializing in construction, engineering, and operations. He pursues placements with focussed energy, and has proved to be a recruiter that employers can depend on. He has filled some of the most challenging positions for his clients, such as The Gisborne Group, Ridley Terminals, West Fraser, and Texcan.

Personal Facts:
  • Married his high school sweetheart, Joanne Leh
  • His defining moment in life is when he became a father
  • His wife just gave birth to a second child last month
  • Still lives his dream of being in a rock band in front of the Karaoke by himself
THE GOLDBECK TOUCH  Our team strives to provide excellence in our recruitment services to establish mutually rewarding relationships between our clients and candidates. Advantages to choosing Goldbeck Recruiting:
  • Recruitment expertise since 1997
  • Fast to deliver with average hiring process taking 4-6 weeks
  • 6 months guarantee - one of the longest in the market
  • Alternative sources reaching a hidden candidate pool
  • Unique sourcing techniques tailored to your industry
  • Dedicated recruiters that take your requirements seriously
  • Extra effort to understand your company's work environment and culture
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