Our Recruitment Process

Contingency Recruiter Services

We manage our business for long-term relationships and are proud that a majority of our clients have given us repeat assignments. We service our clients by supplying them talented and qualified candidates in mid to senior level permanent placements.


Goldbeck Recruiting operates as a contingency recruiter. Our fee is contingent upon our successful placement of candidates that meet your requirements. In other words, there will be no fees paid unless you hire a candidate presented by Goldbeck Recruiting. We also accept payments by Visa or Mastercard.

Our Guarantee

We stand by our 6 months guarantee. Our recruiting team will immediately recruit replacement candidates if your hired candidate leaves or is let go for any reason other than the elimination of the position. Please contact our office for more details.

Advantages of Contingency Search

The advantages of contingency search is that our success depends on finding you the best employees. Because payment is not made until a successful hire is made, the recruitment process tends to be shorter, some hiring cycles can be as quick as 3-4 weeks, whereas the average would be 2-3 months or longer. Another advantage is that our recruiters are masters of the hunt and are experienced enough to advise both clients and candidates during the negotiation process in order to meet a mutually beneficial compensation package.
Quote from long standing client to Goldbeck Recruiting:
 I’m sorry I cannot give you a public testimonial. I simply cannot let my competitors know where I am getting all my good employees
THE TRUTH ABOUT HEADHUNTING  Yes we’ve bragged about the thousands of resumes in our data-base, but the truth about our contingency recruitment is that much of our success comes from pure headhunting skills. If it is a rare position you are trying to fill, often that person may not be found in the general mass of resumes or attracted to job boards. Also, some of the best employees are usually already employed. So if those job seekers within our immediate reach are not qualified, our recruiters will tactfully hunt the market for the best “head”.

CLIENT PERKS  As a Goldbeck client, you have access to our value-added services and resources to help make your candidate search process easier.
In other words....we do all the work for you:
  • Free Job Postings
  • Reference Checking
  • Free Salary Assessments
  • Job Descriptions Editing
  • Interview Consultations
  • Job Assessment Tools

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