Canadian Recruitment Services for British Columbia

Job placements throughout BC makes up the majority of our recruitment activity. Our recruitment services go beyond finding top candidates in Vancouver and include the Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island, and rural and remote areas of British Columbia. Our recruiters have areas of expertise in specialized fields so that we can assist BC companies in almost any type of job search.

Our BC Recruitment Services help find placements for:

  • Greater Vancouver Area
  • Lower Mainland
  • Northern BC
  • Rural BC
  • Remote BC Communities
Areas of Expertise
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Engineering & Skilled Trades
  • Industrial & Construction
  • Healthcare & Biotech
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Mining, Oil, Gas, & LNG
  • Executive Search
 Goldbeck Recruiting is a very responsible Company and which always works very thorough before they present us with candidate result’s. Goldbeck always delivers on time, and are very knowledgeable in the market which is a huge support.
- Thorsten Gutsche , Vice President of Engineering Services

Our National Recruitment Process

Goldbeck Recruiting is placing senior positions since 1997 in a variety of specialities and in a variety of markets. Our recruitment process spans regional and international search strategies. A recruiter with expertise in your industry or field will be assigned to your talent search and only qualified candidates will be shortlisted. Prescreening interviews can be done via telephone or online with potential candidates until a selection is made for a face-to-face interview.
International Profiles  
Related Areas of Expertise  
We have helped BC companies search for outstanding talent in Sales & Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Healthcare, Engineering, Industrial, and Executive Search.
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Sample Job Placements Covered By Our Sales Recruiters

Goldbeck has been a leading recruitment agency in Vancouver, BC, Canada since 1997. Contact us for further information.

Success Story in Northern BC Recruitment  Well established Pulp & Paper company located in Northern BC. They market throughout the globe including North America, Europe and Asia. They needed to fill a recently vacated Project Manager position and were having challenges finding candidates within their limited market.

Having an unsuccessful placement is really hard for all parties; the company, the recruiter and the candidate. There can be countless of factors and situations that lead to this but at the end of the day you have to make the most out of it. If there is any learning, insight that can be obtained from it, that is the first thing that all parties should be doing moving forward. Biases may come, more stringent parameters may sometimes follow depending on the situation, and other times it may be smarter to take a step back get a fresh look at things and probably be a bit more creative and open to other options to get a successful candidate fast. You may have to give up some things.

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